Adult Job Skills

Expanding Horizons ... Increasing Self Esteem

Adult Mentoring and Coaching


Adult Job and Life Skills Training and Employment Placement services are provided by the Ujima Ministries Family Mentoring Program's Employment Initiative. The initiative is designed to provide participants with instruction, counseling and experience in Job Readiness and/or Supported Work training cycles that can be augmented to address the specific needs and/or to strengthen specific skills.

Promoting Personal Responsibility


Our primary goal is to move participants from dependence upon government provided entitlement benefits to successful, unsubsidized, and sustained employment and personal independence. To this end, our program staff works tirelessly to maintain and exceed the federally mandated participation rates and employment goals for Mercer County through innovative methods of instruction and providing employment directed activities that will lead to and sustain full-time unsubsidized employment, personal independence and self-sufficiency.

Gainful Employment Is The Goal


Funded through the Mercer County Workforce Initiative Board's Once Stop Service Center, we provide continuous and ongoing Workforce Preparedness Activities as well as Resume and Cover Letter Writing and Updates, Interviewing and a variety of other Job Search Skills focusing on those positions deemed to be "in demand and growth" in Mercer County.